Save the Bothnian Bay

First anniversary event of yearly celebration that takes place in the municipalities of Bothnian Bay

Save the Bothnian Bay Day & Oulu​ peruskoulu 50th Anniversary

Goal of the event:​

  • Raise awareness of the state of Bothnian Bay.​

  • Familiarize citizens with Bothnian Bay and its protection.​

  • Introduce inclusive activities related to Bothnian Bay.​

What's happening?​

  • Music & performances​

  • Workshops & Interactive activities​

  • Awareness & information on the Baltic Sea​

What is Bothnian Bay Day?​

Bothnian Bay is our unique sea and it is also part of the Baltic Sea. It is in the better condition than the rest of the Baltic Sea but still in need of our aid. That's why it needs to be saved now, and not until when the situation is serious.​​

That’s why we are celebrating first annual Save Bothnian Bay Day as part of Baltic Sea Day.​

Read more about Bothnian Bay here

Why attend?​

  • Learning more about the Baltic Sea
  • Interesting activities for all ages
  • Meeting people & networking

Special Participation:​

  • Children, young people and schools
  • Residents of Oulu and other municipalities
  • Youth from Bothnian Arc municipalities
  • Board members of the Bothnian Arc association

Save the Bothnian Bay Day:​

  • Entry to the event is free
  • Culture and action -oriented event
  • Open to all and everyone