The Bothnian Arc association aims to connect workforce with companies as well as businesses with each other


Boden Business Park is a meeting place for opportunities.  We create the conditions for the business community to grow and for the Boden municipality to achieve its growth goals.  We take care of everything from business development to event planning.


Haparanda creates opportunities for successful
establishments thanks to a number of unique conditions. Haparanda is already a hub that has been characterized
of meetings between people, languages, cultures,
goods, services and ideas.  Haparanda works closely with Business Tornio.


The focus of the operations of the Kalajoki Business Service Centre is the development of the turnover and profitability of new and existing companies. Experts at the business service centre are available very flexibly during the various stages of a company’s journey. We operate in the Kalajoki region, i.e. we provide business services in Kalajoki, Alavieska and Merijärvi.


In Kalix Municipality, of course, all people are important, not least you who are entrepreneurs and contribute to creating jobs. This is necessary for the municipality to further continue to develop positively. We help individual entrepreneurs in matters concerning the municipality and other authorities.


Are you as an entrepreneur interested in knowing more about setting up a new business in Luleå, or just curious to know how the commercial and industrial life in Luleå is like? Luleå Business Region can provide much useful information regardless of who you are or what business related issue you have.


Business Oulu  supports growing companies in creating jobs, promoting export, refining competences and developing different lines of business. We serve companies through their start-up, growth, and internationalisation phases as they develop their operations and operating environment.  We are making Oulu more widely known as we meet the competition for investments, companies, talents, tourists, and events.

Sea Lapland

In Sea Lapland, we have a number of local government departments providing a wide range of advisory, financial and expert services for entrepreneurs.


Raahe Region Development offers advice for all businesses and people interested in entrepreneurship regardless of the line or size of business. All customers are equally important: you can contact the service even if you only have a preliminary idea of a business or just want to discuss matters related to your business over a cup of coffee.


In Skellefteå, it is easy to run a business. Here you will find creativity, natural resources and skills. Skellefteå will be characterized by an expansive, creative and industry-leading business community and a broad and growing labor market, where new companies and businesses are established and where existing ones grow. 


Business Tornio provides help and guidance to businesses on all matter ranging from set-up to relocation and business development. The team also works closely with the Haparanda Business Unit, which allows local businesses to also make use of provision and expertise available over the border in Sweden.