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The Bothnian Arc encourages and activates people to have concrete cooperation across borders through building networks and creating new projects.

Bothnian Arc is an organisation developing the area
with the aim of making it the northernmost centre of industry,
research and know-how in the European Union.

The purpose of the organisation is to promote and develop
the members' cooperation in the Bothnian Bay Arc in areas such as
advocacy, logistics, tourism development, education and culture.
We aim to facilitate active communication, exchange of experience
and cooperation in our common region. We want promote
cross-border cooperation aimed at strengthening sustainable
economic and social cohesion in the Bothnian Bay area
and in the European Union.

Bothnian Arc strives for active cooperation with the region's business community, public authorities, education, research and innovation
actors and civil society. We work for the interests of the region and
gather the opinions and experiences of its members to influence
decisions affecting the region at the national, EU,
Arctic and Barents regions.

The members on the Swedish side are
Haparanda, Kalix, Luleå, Bodenand Skellefteå.
On the Finnish side the members are
the Kemi-Tornio region, Oulu, Raahe and Kalajoki.

Bothnian Arc is one of the Nordic Council of Ministers' twelve border
regions, whose activities the Nordic Council of Ministers finances.
Bothnian Arc ry, together with the Tornedalsrådet,
is a member of AEBR (Association of European Border Regions).

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