Language seminar 22.3.2022

In March, Bothnian Arc organised a language seminar on the many possibilities of language learning. Daniel Smirat as the chair of Bothnian Arc opened the seminar by reminding participants of the importance of language learning and the kind of doors that language skills open. Karita Mård-Miettinen, professor of Applied Linguistics from the University of Jyväskylä, asked participants to consider what each would draw if language teaching had to be described. Shee also spoke about the principles, objectives and learning environment of bilingual pedagogy. Representatives of Language Ambassadors (Kielilähettiläät/Språkambassadörerna) spoke about the power of personal stories in learning and motivating language learning.

The workshops discussed cross-border entrepreneurship education as an opportunity to increase motivation for language learning. There was also talk of how to continue language learning outside the classroom. The third workshop discussed language-enriched pedagogy as an operating model for Kielistigen. How to awaken a student's inner motivation was a theme of the last workshop.  It is important to discuss language learning, motivation and share information on new pedagogical opportunities in language learning. Thank you to everyone who attended the seminar and special thanks to our speakers and workshop leaders.

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