Bothnian Arc takes part in Save the Bothnian Bay campaign

Bothnian Arc participates in Save the Bothnian Bay campaign. The campaign website can be found on the Bothnian Arc website (in Finnish and Swedish). 

The Bothnian Arc region participates in Baltic Sea Day with Save the Bothnian Bay campaign. The City of Oulu has challenged municipalities in both Finland and Sweden to join the campaign. It is hoped that the campaign's fish mascots Hilma and Helge Grayling will inspire people in the area to get involved.

Save the Bothnian Bay campaign which began last year is challenging residents, municipalities, schools and organisations in the area. The campaign is part of the annual Baltic Sea Day, which is not known in the northern Finland and Sweden in the same way as in the south. The goal is for the entire Bothnian Arc region to participate in Baltic Sea Day through Save the Bothnian Bay campaign on the last Thursday of August.

You can read more about the campaign from media release here:

"It is important that the actors in the region wake up to this issue already now, so that everyone can participate in August. We want as many people as possible to raise the issue and do their own, small actions for the benefit of the Bothnian Bay," explains  Katja Koskinen, who developed the campaign and works for the City of Oulu and  the administration of the Bothnian Arc association. The Bothnian Bay area differs from other sea areas of the Baltic Sea due to its low salinity and short growing season. The Bay of Bothnia is in good condition compared to the rest of the Baltic Sea, but its situation has deteriorated year by year, mainly due to human activities.  

"We will save euros when we act now, not only when the situation is serious. The campaign supports responsibility and sustainable development throughout the Bothnian Arc. According to the John Nurminen Foundation, which organises Baltic Sea Day, the campaign supports locality and highlights northern nature. ", Koskinen says. She challenges residents, companies and other actors in the area to participate. With the help of the campaign's mascots, Hilma and Helge Harjus, the campaign's message also appeals to children and young people. The campaign is a feel-good campaign whose mission is  to awaken the people of the region to the importance of the sea to this region with a positive image. 

"We have communication materials available for those who are interested. If you want to get involved, you can contact us. No financial investment is required, but if you wish, you can also save a piece of the Bothnian Bay by participating in the  money collection. The most important thing is just to get the word out and get as many people involved as possible." 

Organisations, municipalities and educational institutions can join the Bothnian Bay Rescue Patrol, more information is available in the campaign materials.   The campaign website contains instructions on how to save a piece of the Bay of Bothnia through a donation: Pelasta Perämeri - Rädda Bottenviken.

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