Meeting of the border committees in Copenhagen 26.-27.1.23

meeting of the twelve border committees took place at the end of January in Copenhagen.

Bothnian Arc was represented by chair Daniel Smirat, Anne Rännäli-Kontturi and Katja Koskinen. In the sunny Copenhagen, we met on the first day at Greater Copenhagen premises and on the second day at Nordens Hus.

During the days, we discussed, among other things, how we can improve co-operation between the border committees. We heard about current news from the Nordic Council. During the dinner, we had the opportunity to discuss common themes in more detail and to share good practices with each other. We also agreed on further meetings related to the co-operation.

The border committees are the unique institutional infrastructure for cross-border cooperation at local and regional level in the Nordic region. After the pandemic, these kinds of meetings are especially important because cross-border collaboration needs face-to-face encounters and collaboration becomes easier when we know and meet each other live not only through Teams. The next meeting of the committees will take place in the autumn.

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