Visit to the Bothnian Bay National Park 14.6.2022

In the context of the theme of maritime tourism in the ongoing project, we arranged for representatives of the municipalities and stakeholders in the area a visit to the Bothnian Bay National Park. 

During a beautiful summer day, we were able to visit the islands of Selkä-Sarvi and Pensaskari. On the Selkä-Sarvi nature trail we were     accompanied only by "about 700,000 mosquitoes", but we blended in well with them. The beautiful nature of the islands and the cultural history buildings, as well as the stories of our experienced skippers, were memorable experiences for those who attended the visit. In Pensaskari, we had the opportunity to have lunch in the middle of nature (of course with mosquitoes). The biggest challenge of our trip was finding out what is a kampanisu (Northern Finnish pastry) in Swedish...

Thank you to everyone who took part in the visit! 

If you want to visit the Bothnian Bay National Park yourself, you can find more information about it

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