Future transport vision in focus at Luleå workshop 3.11.2022

In the traffic workshop 3.11. in Luleå, the focus was on creating a vision for the  transport system of Bothnian Arc. We also visited the port of Luleå.  A representative of the port told us about the large construction projects that are about to begin.

In this year's workshops, we have seen that a contiguous, cross-border discussion is very important.  The current world situation has greatly shaped our operating environment. The region's investments to green energy are strongly linked to sustainable transport solutions. 

 There are still a lot of practical issues that need to be resolved or to find solutions.  The workshop work will continue in March 2023, when we will consider concrete actions and ways to achieve the vision and create our short term goals.  Those involved in the project have stated that we will continue the joint discussion and exchange of information even after the project. The aim is to create a forum for discussion. 

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