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Annual meeting of Bothnian Arc in Kalix

Traffic seminar in Haparanda


 Final seminar in Maritime tourism and
co-operation in the Bothnian Bay/
Matchmaking day on the border

Board meeting of Bothnian Arc

Bothnian Arc 

20 years /
celebration in
August 2022

Culture afternoon at Kukkolaforsen

Evening in Toranda

Bothnian Arc
20 years

Luleåborg - together we are stronger

Bothnian Arc's activities and goals were presented to the representatives of City Executive Boards and municipal officials of Luleå and Oulu in Luleå at the end of February. 

City Executive Board of Oulu visited Luleå to get more information of the green transition going on in Norrbotten.  Representatives of Oulu City Executive Board visited also Luleå University of Technology, Luleå's new fire station and Hybrit Development.

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New cross-border cooperation aims to increase the attractiveness of the coastal route around the Bothnian Bay and across the Kvarken Bay

Bothnian Arc is taking part in the project "Bothnian Coastal Route"  funded by Interreg Aurora.  The project will take place from the beginning of 2023 to the end of 2025.  Bothnian Arc is working to promote an attractive, secured and growing region and sustainable tourism is important part of it.  Bothnian Arc gives an platform for cooperation and networking in our region. Bothnian Coastal Route is the continuation of Bothnian Arcs current project "Borderless and sustainable future of Bothnian Arc development zone". You can read more about the project in the press release below.
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Future transport vision in focus at Luleå workshop 3.11.2022

In the traffic workshop 3.11. in Luleå, the focus was on creating a vision for the  transport system of Bothnian Arc. We also visited the port of Luleå.  A representative of the port told us about the large construction projects that are about to begin.

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